Sunday, June 7, 2009

"What I've Learned This Year" by Mr. McClung

I have just finished reading the blog by Mr. McClung, "What I've Learned This Year".

I can visualize and hear the excitement of his students. Mr. McClung is young, full of energy, full of wonderful ideals, and a great drive for his students. His students have very young minds and with the excitement of Mr. McClungs' computer teachings, they will have a very good start with the "New World of Learning".

Mr. McClung will continue to keep his students' attention with new ideal, hands on experience and learning. I am somewhat familiar with Noel, Mo, and I believe Mr. McClung will be a great asset to his community.

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  1. And he is following you! See how quickly we can become part of the international community of teachers! This is a wonderful part of the new technologies. Ideas and experiences can be shared through collaborative efforts. Mr. McClung is certainly one of the outstanding leaders in this effort!